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From Pet Sitter to Website Design: Two decades of creativity and expertise.

A cute dog and a cute cat on a website screen

As an entrepreneur with a passion for pets and customer service, I recently embarked on a new journey – designing affordable websites tailored specifically for pet care businesses.

Website design is something I've been doing since the early 2000s, creating websites for various organizations and groups. Who remembers Geocities, Frontpage, Comic Sans, and the early days of HTML and FTP? 😋

My skills and enthusiasm were quickly noticed during my university years. Instead of outsourcing website projects to experts, I was asked to develop and maintain websites about academic programs, faculty profiles, and research projects - all while working on my degrees! It kept me busy - but it did pay for most of my tuition... 😎

Beyond academia, I extended my web design services to a comedy entertainment group, and more recently, I had the opportunity to contribute to a local festival by designing a website that served as a central hub for event information, ticket sales, and community engagement. Of course, I have also designed and created my own personal websites throughout the years, both for artistic and professional exposure.

After working in the pet care industry for most of my professional life, I have decided to dip my toes once again into the mysterious world of web design, and help my fellow collegues in the pet care industry.

I am well aware how running a small pet care business is a full-time job, and if you've never tinkered with a website before, or a platform like Wix, the learning curve to be able to make your own website can seem unsurmontable. Plus, if you've been ripped off in the past by an unethical web designer, or ended up with a flawed and vulnerable website from a 'professional' like I once was (a story for another time), it can be daunting to trust someone again.

I hope to be able to create meaningfull connections and work relationships with other small business owners in the pet care industry, and help them elevate their presence online with a captivating, professional, and afforable website.



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